In my high school career, I was particularly interested in software design, engineering, and computer science in general. Freshman into early sophomore year I took part in an IT class, where I studied computers, from putting them together down to the history of where computers originated.

During this program, I had to move to a new school and a new style of class halfway through the year. I was put into a computer science course where I learned Java, and despite being half a year behind, thrived in the class. Next year, I took the AP level class and finished with an overall 130% in the class, and an easy 5 on the AP Exam. This led to my senior year, where I became the teacher's aid for the class, helping other students learn and grading projects.

My senior year was by far my most active. I had competed in programming and engineering competitions at several colleges and government affiliated companies (UCF, FIU, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Harris Corporation).

The Harris Design Challenge in particular was my favorite memory of high school. The objective of the competition was to develop and design an Android application to navigate and solve numerous challenges, and then put the app to the test on Harris grounds. Challenges put to use GPS, sensors, encryption, and other aspects of a mobile phone. I was programming lead on a team named Hyrulian Coders (two other students and I) and we worked together to win first place, against +20 other teams from various schools. (Article here)

Another competition I took part in, was the FIRST Robotics Competition. I was one of the lead programmers, although not programming team captain, and wrote a decent part of the control for the robot. I also designed the team website from scratch, although the site is now managed by a current team member.

Aside from computer science, I took part in chorus the majority of my high school years, singing at Disney World in the Disney Candlelight Processional two years in a row as one of the Honor Choirs, and scoring superior in each MPA we took part in. In addition to singing, I won and got honorable mention in multiple student art shows.